Should I Buy a Salt System

Should I Get a Salt System for my Swimming Pool?

Spring is here, and Summer will soon be upon us once again and many pool owners are asking themselves, ‘Should I get a salt system installed in my swimming pool?’ — and those who already have salt systems are asking ‘Why is anyone still using standard chlorine?’. The answer to the former is always an astounding YES! Besides saving loads of money in the long run on chemicals, there’s many reasons why pool owners are switching to salt systems.

While the initial cost to have a salt system is sometimes high for some homeowners ($1,000 to $1,200 typically) the system pays for itself very quickly! Salt is cheap compared to regularly purchasing chlorine, and very little is required annually.

No Harsh Chemicals
While chlorine is present in a salt water pool, the levels are not very high and there is no need to add any extra sanitising chemicals.

Minimal Maintenance
Since the level of sanitizers is constant in salt water, algae is less likely to grow, requiring less cleaning. Upon visiting, the Infinity Pools of GA pros will always check salt levels, pH, alkalinity and a full spectrum of tests to ensure your pool is beautiful and healthy.

Health Benefits
Aside from salt being better for your hair, skin, and eyes, the irritation of chemicals is absent in a salt water pool, making it more suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Since chlorine levels are very low, yet still effective, swimmers will not be subject to dry skin, red eyes, discoloured hair and discoloured swimsuits. Making for a comfortable experience in the water.

Our talented Infinity Pools professionals can install your salt system in just a couple of hours and it can be installed in virtually any body of water, be it an in-ground pool, spa, or hot tub.

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