Pool Equipment/Pump Hideaways and Sheds


Let us start off this post by stating, you do not have to enclose your pool equipment (filter, pumps, plumbing, heater, etc.) for proper pool function, or to protect it from the elements. In fact, many pool companies that service your pool would probably prefer you didn’t because it’s much easier to maintain when it is not enclosed. Be that as it may, we cannot deny the fact that swimming pool equipment sheds, enclosures, or hideaways serve a wonderful purpose to not only hide above ground plumbing, or bulky equipment but also add landscaping features that can add real beauty to your backyard.

Pool equipment, like your AC unit, is designed to be outdoors in the rain and heat and having it enclosed would be for aesthetic purposes only. While some people choose to enclose their equipment with fences, and landscaping, it is important that your pool filter, pumps, and heater be properly ventilated.

Enclosure Benefits of Pool Equipment

  • Hiding it from view
  • Drowning out the noise from the pumps, plumbing, etc.
  • Protection from the elements
  • Enclosing equipment in a shed with storage space
  • Keeping children away from equipment and high voltage electrical wiring
  • Adding aesthetically pleasing appearance to an otherwise unattractive equipment pad
    • Landscaping, flowers, sheds, etc.

The Wonderful World of Enclosures

There are a few types of enclosures people typically turn to when building or purchasing one. See the end of this article for ideas for enclosing your swimming pool equipment.

While some people choose to enclose their entire pool with a screen enclosure, you can simply use one for only the equipment if you’d like. Considered to be the least expensive method, screen enclosures are seen a lot in the southern United States. Screen enclosures can range from basic screens like that seen on front porches, to architectural wonders with large peaks, domes, and mansard styles.

Another type of enclosure is called a Pool House. The name is efficient if nothing else, right? ‘Pool house’ is such a broad term that it could range from a covered patio and pavilions to an elegant off-shoot of the residence that resembles the home by material, color, and style, typically constructed from wood. Pool houses typically have divided areas for storage of supplies and chemicals, and for this reason they must be well ventilated. Infinity Pools of Georgia has built pool houses for customers that have requested a small bathroom and sink be added—your imagination can really run wild with these, and if you wish you may include all of the comforts found inside your home, right next to the pool. Outdoor kitchen and bar, refrigerators and full chef-inspired grilling areas, flat-screen and projection TVs, lounge chairs, sofas and hammocks, fire bowls and pits with or without water features and LED lighting—we’ve seen and built it all and if you can think it, we can handle it.

Another way to hide your eye-sore pool equipment is to simply landscape around it. It may end up being more economical, and flower beds or trees will look beautiful and natural around your swimming pool.

If at the end of the day you simply cannot decide what would work best, we’d be happy to consult with you regarding your needs and we’ll talk to you and give you an estimate for free. Simply give us a call and we’ll send a representative to your home at a time convenient for you to discuss your needs—770-882.7141 or Submit a Service Sheet to begin the quote process.

Enclosing Pool Heaters

Swimming pool heaters, especially has heaters, absolutely must be vented properly due to the emissions of carbon monoxide. Always consult with your swimming pool technician or heater manual for questions and information regarding proper ventilation of your gas heater. Also consider Summer time temperatures inside of the shed. It will be considerably hotter than in the Fall or Winter, and strict guidelines must be followed for an indoor heater.

Some swimming pool builders, by default, install heaters and heat pumps inside sheds and enclosures because of the rainy climate (i.e.: Northwest United States). Whether your pool company does it for you, or you decide to take on the project yourself, always consult your heater manual for proper airflow and exhaust measurements.

Chemical and Supply Storage

Ultimately you’d like to be able to store all those pool chemicals and supplies in your enclosure as well if you’re planning on building a shed or pool house. This is perfectly fine as long as you properly store chemicals, and build the storage room large enough with proper ventilation. Under no circumstances should muriatic acid or chlorine be stored near one another—any acid or chlorinated products. If for some reason you have no choice, then having some pH UP and Total Alkalinity in between the acid and chlorine should be used in case of emergency ad the two mix, however, again, we do not recommend storing these chemicals together. Always consult with your pool tech for the best advise for your specific setup. Specific care for storing all chemicals must be considered as to also prevent oxidation to any metals.

Conclusion and Photos

Ventilation and storage space are the main considerations when building any enclosure. You may decide to just keep it simple and enclose only the pad equipment (as seen in many of the photos below). Reaching your equipment for proper maintenance is important as well. Consider having the proper space to service the filter, pumps, and plumbing should anything need repair in the future as it could be more costly if the company doing the repairs has to cut out significant areas of the equipment or landscaping to access anything.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to one of our professionals regarding possibly adding a shed, pool house, or small enclosure to your pool pad—give us a call, 770-882.7141. We’d be happy to assist you.

Creative Ideas for your Pool Shed, Pool House, or Pump House

From the tiny and convenient to the down-right extravagant.
These pool sheds and houses are beautiful and versatile.
Whichever look you’re going for, we hope it gets your creativity flowing!

Wood Shed and Fence with Entry way
Wood Shed and Fence with Entry way

Dark Wood Enclosure with Easy Open Top
Dark Wood Enclosure with Easy Open Top

Enclosure with Walking Stones Pathway
Enclosure with Walking Stones Pathway

White Fence Enclosure for Pool Equipment
White Fence Enclosure for Pool Equipment and A/C unit.

Wood Shed with Open Door
Wood Shed with Open Door. Includes area for supplies.

Wood Enclosure with Open Top
Wood Enclosure with Open Top. Houses a pump. plumbing, and salt system.

Wood Pool Equipment Enclosure
Wooden Pool Equipment Enclosure

Thin and Small Pool Shed
Thin and Small Pool Shed

Small Pool Shed
Small DIY Pool Shed

Full Pool House with Kitchen and Living Area
Full Pool House with Kitchen and Living Area. Imagine entertaining guests in this! Or maybe just a backyard escape with a telescope on the patio for some late night star-gazing?

Building a Pool House in Progress

Small Pool House with Canopy
Small Pool House with Canopy

Pool House with Shower and Door
Pool House with Shower and Door

Pool House with Open Bar Window
Pool House with Open Bar Window

White Pool House
Small, White, pool house on free form pool and spa.

Screen Enclosure for Pool
Full screened in pool area.

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  1. I live north of Houston. I just purchased a home with a pool. Its all beautiful and works great, but i need to build a pool and spa heater enclosure around the equipment. Any suggestions for a company north of Houston in Spring area that does this?
    I appreciate your insight.

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