How to Keep Wasps and Bees away from Swimming Pool

How to Keep Wasps and Bees Away from Your Pool

A dip in your pool is often a great way to spend those hot summer days, but nothing can ruin a good time faster than a sharp sting from a wasp or bee while you are taking a dip in your pool.

Bees and wasps are often frequent pests of pools, and for good reason. Remember, you basically have created a giant watering hole in their eyes. While you may be tempted to destroy them if they invade your swimming sanctuary, remember that they are innocent and are very good for the environment.

So what do you do? Luckily there are many great ways to keep wasps and bees away from your pool so you can enjoy a sting-free dip during those hot summer months.


Unfortunately, wasps are a bit tougher to get rid of without destroying them, but we will talk about a few options you have here.

Deploy Decoy Nests

You can purchase fake wasp nests and hang them around your house. Wasps are very territorial and do not want to live close to other wasps. Make sure you place these around your pool and home early in the season before they start building those nests.

Try Raw Meat

Wasps love raw meat. Try hanging a bit of leftover cheap steak or beef in an area away from your pool. This will draw them away from the pool as they head to the feast. If you like, you can place a bucket with water and a little detergent below it. When they fall from the meat, they will get stuck in the bucket of water and drown.

Diesel Fuel

Wasps are very attracted to diesel fuel for some reason. If you place a bottle or two of this around your pool but out of the reach of children, the wasps will flock to it and get stuck inside the bottle eventually drowning in the fuel.

Remove Nests

This one can be tricky, but an exterminator can often handle this for you or you can destroy them yourself with insecticide or even a hose. When you get rid of the nests, your wasp problem with drop drastically. Most wasps stay relatively close to their nest so they should be pretty easy to find.

If you plan on destroying the nests yourself with a hose or insecticide, make sure you do it late at night when all the wasps are in their nest and inactive.


Bees can be a bit easier to remove without having to destroy them, and given how important they are to the environment, their destruction should always be a last resort. So how do you get rid of them without killing them? Let’s take a look.

Change Your Landscaping

We all know bees love plants, but they don’t love every plant. There are two plants in particular that bees absolutely hate and will avoid at all costs – lemongrass and mint.

Both of these plants are pleasant smelling to us humans and look great in any pool landscaping. They are easy to take care of and are very good at keeping those bees away from your pool.

Dryer Sheets

Who knew dryer sheets would have so many uses? While they smell great to us and help freshen up our clothing, bees detest them. Arrange them around your pool in decorative baskets or even use them as doilies underneath other objects. Bees won’t get too close if you have these out. Just make sure you change them periodically as over time they will lose their effectiveness.

Fake Nests

Much like wasps, bees are very territorial. While you won’t cause a great bee war, setting up fake hives will deter bees from using your pool area. They will see the nest and move on to another location as they don’t enjoy sharing territory with other bees that are not from their hive.

When All Else Fails

If these solutions don’t work, you may have to move or destroy their nests. Think of this as a last resort. There are many chemical bee and wasp killers out there that you can buy. Just make sure you use them on the hives at night when all the bees and wasps have returned to the nest and are sleeping. Make sure you have a planned route of escape in case you need to retreat when you do. Doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

You may be able to call an exterminator and have them move the nest as well. If not, they can also destroy it for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

How to Keep Wasps and Bees away from Swimming Pool

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  1. Hi! My parents recently had someone to put bee hives down the road from their house and the bees are swarming around their pool and the bees really dont bother you but there are so many its ridiculous! Theyve tried the peppermint oil and all that and it still hasn’t made them leave. We want to be able to enjoy the pool with my babies and cant because of the bees! Any info on how to get them gone would greatly be appreciated! thanks!

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