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Throw A Graduation Pool Party for Your Grads – 2017

Graduation time is upon us! Whether you are celebrating a high school, college, grad school or kindergarten graduation, the best place to throw that party is poolside! We have great suggestions for decorations, games, food, drinks, favors and invitations to move you right to the top of the class!

Not sure how to get the word out? Send Beach Ball Invitations! Write all of the details on a deflated beach ball and have your guests inflate them and bring them to the party.

The next step is to be sure you decorate with style – including special touches for the graduate and incorporating the school colors. You can make a simple, yet unique door wreath from a pool noodle and photos! Duct tape an old pool noodle to form a circle. Cover the circle with fabric. Simply use cardstock to cut out a graduation cap and select pictures of the graduate throughout the years and glue to the pool noodle.

You can also decorate with plastic tablecloths available at the dollar store. These colorful tablecloths can be easily cut into strips and strung on a clothesline to make a “tassel garland”!

What’s a memorable party without amazing food? Be sure to plan your menu to suit all of your guests! A great way to vary your food offerings is to prepare different “stations.” For example, you can offer a “Popcorn Bar” with a variety of toppings and flavors. You can also create a “Cupcake Bar” by providing 1-2 flavors of cupcakes and a variety of icing and toppings. If you have a firepit or fireplace in your pool area, take advantage of it and make a “S’Mores Bar”. You can provide various types of crackers, different flavored candy bars, marshmallows, and nut butters. And of course, don’t forget about drinks. A small inflatable pool is a great way to display your beverage selections.

Speaking of games, you will want to make other activities available for those that might want to venture out of the pool for fun. Lawn Twister is always a favorite. You can spray paint colored dots on the lawn and use a Twister game board spinner. You can also create a Jumbo Jenga using 54 2x4s cut into 10.5” pieces. Pool noodles are also a great way to create poolside games: you can make an easy limbo stick, football/javelin throw, ring toss, tic-tac-toe and more!

Your graduation pool party should be special not only for your graduate, but also for your guests. By following these tips as well as others we have below, you will be voted “Most Likely to Succeed!” in party planning!















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