We offer some luxurious pool services, but some times your swimming pool or spa just needs the basic service or repairs for proper function and keeping it crisp, and beautiful for those weekend parties and holidays. You need the professional pool technicians from Infinity Pools of Georgia. An thorough cleaning, vacuum, and chemical balance is just the beginning.. To learn more, or schedule a cleaning, see below.

Pool Cleaning


Servicing Atlanta, Georgia and within a 100 mi. radius

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Your pool is in good hands with our CPO Certified professionals with over 22 years of experience. We currently offer swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services for residential and commercial pools in a 100 mile radius of Atlanta, GA (see below for a small list of cities we often have jobs in). Our CLEAN360º pool maintenance services is a very thorough, 360 degree, comprehensive cleaning and chemical check to make sure your equipment is operating as it should be. To submit a Service Request form or to get a price quote, complete our Service Request Form.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance in Atlanta, GA

  • Clean debris from entire pool, and skim leaves and other misc. debris from surface.
  • Vacuum floors
  • Clean and empty skimmer baskets, leaf traps, and pump baskets.
  • Brush walls, waterline tile, steps, and floor. Repeat as needed during cleaning process.
  • Test pH, alkalinity, chlorine and/or salt levels.
  • Adjust and balance pool chemicals based on chemical tests to keep pool sparkling and sanitized.
  • Add salt, if needed, to pools with Salt Systems.
  • Backwash filter – Read more about Filter Cleanings.
  • Clean/remove any debris, leafs, sticks, etc. from the deck.
  • Check for leaks on the equipment pad.
  • Inspect pad equipment to ensure proper function.


Download our Clean360º Service Brochure – Click Here

Use our Service Request form to send us information about your pool or spa. Whether it’s for a cleaning, repair, or renovation, we’ll take a look and schedule a time to send one of our technicians to your home to discuss pricing when it’s convenient for you. Weekends available. Call for more information – 770.882.7141

Call: 770-882-7141

Frequently Asked Questions

$50.00 + the cost of chemicals. Since all pools and spas have different needs, the cost will be discussed with you once we see your pool and/or spa. You may benefit more by setting up a weekly or bi-weekly service agreement.

Yes. All employees are trained in Tech 1, Tech 2, and CPO (Certified Pool Operator) training.

Yes. We can make your pool sparkle again even if it is dirty, green, and full of algae.

Yes. We do offer pool openings and closing service calls.

Yes. We do use our own chemicals when coming to your pool for a maintenance visit or you can buy bulk chemicals from us to leave on site and we can use your chemicals when cleaning your pool.

Yes. On the weeks we are not there for a visit you should be cleaning out all skimmers and pump baskets to maintain proper flow throughout your pool.

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Checks (Must have an established account over 90 days)
  • Cash

We take credit cards, checks only if you have an established account with us over 3 months and cash. We do require a credit card to be on file with all of our maintenance customer accounts.

Service calls: We do a 100 mile radius around Atlanta. We do service the Chattanooga area as well. Call for pricing. Weekly and bi-weekly maintenance: We serve a radius of 40 miles around Atlanta.

Depending on which maintenance schedule you chose we are normally at your house once a week. Service calls, we do call before arriving unless otherwise stated by you, the homeowner.